As a Design-Build project, a typical Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) takes approximately two years to implement. Expect two full years from the time an Energy Service Company (ESCO) gets you interested, until the project is built. The first year includes all of the marketing, initial facility audits, feasibility analysis, initial proposal review, detailed energy surveys, additional review for technical merit, financial analysis and the other minutia associated with a thorough review. After negotiation and award, the project may take a year to fully construct and commission.

Our typical contract is for three (3) years to assure that the project is validated and actually saving the energy (and dollars) as promised by the ESCO. This first year of Measurement and Verification (M&V) is a crucial part of the project. Without good M&V, a promise is just a promise…

Typical services during this phase of the project are described as Turn-key Project Facilitation. In short, it means that we will do whatever is necessary to get a successful project awarded and built. A long laundry list follows to suggest some of the services are available and each project is different…:

Project and ECM Development
       Contract Management Support
       Project Development and ECM Review
       Identification & Application of Renewable and Emerging Technologies
              Project Planning (with respect to Agency and/or EO 13423 goals)
Establish Energy Baselines and Measurement & Verification (M&V) Protocols
       ECM-Specific M&V Development
Develop Financial Considerations
       Project Term Considerations
       Buy-Down and Termination for Convenience Scenarios
             Escrow Accounts
Project Viability Review, ECM Screening
       Full and Complete Proposal Review
Construction and Commissioning Support
ECM and Project Acceptance
Project Closure Reporting
Review of First Invoice

Program Design & Management Assistance
Project Development & Coordination
Turn-Key Project Facilitation
Implementation & Construction Oversight
Measurement & Verification of Savings
Energy Efficient Project Consulting
Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreements and Energy Service Agreements(TBD)

Point of Contact:
Wilson Reynolds, V.P.

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