Measure and Verification (M&V) is necessary on all ESPC projects in order to validate that the project’s savings are actually occurring. By definition, M&V establishes that the installed equipment has the potential to deliver the savings as specified in the Contractor’s proposal. It is up to the Customer to operate the equipment correctly. If both parties meet their obligation, the guaranteed energy savings should result. A list of typical M&V activities include some or all of the following:

Develop Performance & Monitoring Plan
       Develop a Metering Objective to Comply with EO 13423
Develop an ECM-Specific M&V Plan
       Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) or other M&V Protocols
Propose Validation Procedures
Data Acquisition
       Primary and Sub-Metering
Data Processing
       Site Monitoring
Performance Reporting Assistance
       Annual Energy Reporting
Discrepancy Arbitration

Program Design & Management Assistance
Project Development & Coordination
Turn-Key Project Facilitation
Implementation & Construction Oversight
Measurement & Verification of Savings
Energy Efficient Project Consulting
Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreements and Energy Service Agreements(TBD)

Point of Contact:
Wilson Reynolds, V.P.

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